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macular degeneration

An internet based newsletter for LASIK, disease research, patient support, and general eye care.

...a collection of empirical anecdotes relating to provocative eye issues.

Botox and Your Eyes

botox Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so we are told. Unfortunately, the eye of the beholder may have had Botox injections which resulted in very negative results affecting the eyes.

Botulism toxin is a toxic chemical that is produced by a Bacteria. Its purpose is to paralyze the prey thus making it eas...

Complication with LASIK and Case History

While LASIK usually heals very well with out incident there are situations that may complicate the process resulting in serious issues that may alter the final results. To best illustrate this I have 2 case histories that will explain different problems. The first is caused buy the patient, the second in no one’s fault.

A 25 year old man had LASIK with out incident on a Friday and came ...

Macular Degeneration and Carbohydrates

macular degeneration Macular Degeneration is an ocular condition whereby the central part of the retina called the Macula, breaks down resulting in decreased vision. Usually a genetic predisposition is required for the condition to occur and the severity will depend on both genetics and environmental factors...

UV Blocking Contact Lenses

UV radiationWith the summer in full swing and people flocking to the beach, boats and outdoor activities we must turn our attention to sun protection for our eyes. Conventional eye wear for the outdoors has always been good quality sunglasses. These of course come in many forms and at differing costs depending on quality an...

Stupid Things People Do

As I sat on the beach this last week end of the summer of 2007, I am always amazed at the things that people do. As a 12 year veteran lifeguard (retired for 21 years) I have to ask myself do people even think before they act. Today was no exception.

The first act of genius was a 20ish young man who thought it would be unique and fun to have himself buried up to his neck in the sa...

Vitreous Floaters

vitreous floaters A 50 year old woman calls our office complaining about little spots and fly like things floating in her vision and occasional flashing lights. We tell her to come in as soon as possible and we do a complete eye and retinal exam. She suffers from Vitreous Floaters, a ...

Blepharoplasty, Blepharochalasys and Cosmetic Lid Surgery

blepharoplasty Blepharochalasis is the increase in skin above and around the eyes. It typically occurs with increasing age, but may occur in younger folks if there is a genetic predisposition. The skin in this sensitive area becomes loose, flabby with multiple folds making for a tired, ag...

Listening to the Doctor's Advise

doctor I have been in practice for over 23 years and am still amazed and astonished at the number of people that don't listen to my professional eye care advise and recommendations. People come to me with eye problems and ask me to solve them as well as make recommendations as to what the BEST solution would be...

Lid Lumps, Bumps and Keratoacanthomas

chalazionOur eye lids serve many functions that are required to keep our eyes healthy and functioning well. Among these important acts are to clean the eyes with blinking, keeping them moist, removing debris, protection and even avoidance. This last function is accomplished when the eye lashe...


amblyopiaAmblyopia is decreased vision in one eye for a non-pathological reason. Most often it is due to either an eye turn or a large difference in prescriptions between the eyes. Regardless of the cause the end result is the same, but can in many cases be corrected if treated early.


LASIK Disaster: A Case History

lasik complication A 40 year old male went for a LASIK consultation and was told that he would be a great candidate for the procedure. He had complained prior to surgery that he had very dry eyes and often woke up with painful eyes, but the surgeon told him that he would still do well...

Double Vision and Vision Therapy

,Vision Therapy A young child runs around in class and is called disruptive, while another student says he doesn't understand what is on the black board. In another class there is some one who avoids reading and home work and prefers to watch TV very close. Frequently, children like these...

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macular degeneration
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